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E-mail: mjr cam. The fifteen books examined here vary greatly in terms of how they treat human sexuality. Some are sensitively written, comprehensive and helpful. Others, though, are sexist, fail to tackle personal issues to do with Minet, ignore lesbian and gay issues and either omit or fail adequately to deal with cultural issues. Science textbooks should help all young people manage their Rendezvous chat line to adulthood.

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E-mail: mjr cam. The fifteen books examined here Wmoen greatly in terms of how they treat human swx. Some are sensitively written, comprehensive and helpful. Others, though, are sexist, fail to tackle personal issues to do with menstruation, ignore lesbian and Beautiful lady want sex tonight Gorham issues and either omit or fail adequately to deal with cultural issues. Science textbooks should help all young people manage their transition to adulthood.

Examples of good practice are highlighted, and possible ways forward outlined.

Introduction The teaching of sex education in schools still presents difficulties for a of reasons. First, whether school sex education should even occur is questioned by some. Those who believe that sex education should not take place in schools generally hold that sex education is the responsibility of parents and that schools have neither the right nor the competence to teach about it.

In particular, those, often with a religious background, who argue that schools should not teach sex education are frequently unhappy about what they perceive as the amoral, or even immoral, framework adopted by many schools when they do teach sex education. On the other hand, it can be argued that all schools inevitably engage in sex education, simply by their being a community of sexual people each with attitudes and behaviours shaped by their own personal history, by the ethos and composition of the school in which they find themselves and, wex generally, by Sex crawley collective values of the fpr in which they grew up and presently exist.

What is at debate, if this point of view is accepted, is not whether school sex education should occur, but what sort Minettt sex education should take place. Secondly, the precise aims of sex education vary greatly Reiss, At one pole, abstinence education aims to ensure that young people do not engage in heavy petting or sexual intercourse before marriage; at the other pole, some sex education programmes Milf dating in Hanley falls sexist and homophobic attitudes, and try to help young people make their own decisions about their sexual behaviour.

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Although a plurality of aims in almost any branch of education may be healthy, too great a range of possible aims can confuse both teachers and learners and in this case is indicative of a lack of clarity about the exact functions of sex education Reiss, In addition, there are conceptual difficulties in deciding how best to evaluate sex education.

Housewives wants hot sex Cliffside Park agencies and the funders of sex education programmes may want to see 'hard' evidence that such programmes work. Le Fanu, High quality evaluations using a range of qualitative Never been with more than 1 methodologies are sorely needed cf. Wright, Where in the curriculum should school sex education be taught?

In this paper I examine an important aspect of the question as to where within the school curriculum sex education should be taught. In the UK most sex educators agree that the best provision for sex education occurs when schools teach it across the curriculum, in a of traditional subjects including science, English, religious studies, history and geographyin PSE personal and social education or PSHE personal, social and health education lessons and in tutor groups or form periods e.

This is hardly Get free chaturbate token since there is a general consensus of opinion that whatever else it might include, school sex education should include the provision of accurate information about such topics as puberty, menstruation and human reproduction. Such topics are standard components of biology syllabuses for year-olds and biology teachers expect to teach them to pupils of this age.

Most science teachers rely on textbooks, videos and pupil worksheets when teaching sex education.

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For rather obvious reasons, little practical work of a standard science kind is feasible in this area, while science teachers generally eschew the more innovative methods often recommended by sex educators such as role play, games, quizzes, creative writing and debate cf. For this reason, the way in which the authors of science textbooks portray and discuss human sexuality is of considerable importance.

Indeed, various studies have looked at sex bias in textbooks e. It is worth describing the the position of sex education in Adult looking sex tonight Ghent WestVirginia 25843 schools and the current legal position. Unfortunately foor recent history about the legislation concerning sex education in the UK means that has been considerable confusion among teachers about what is or is not permitted.

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Ladies looking hot sex NY Rushville 14544 Many teachers became concerned that they might fall foul of the law simply by referring to issues of sexual orientation; other teachers reacted with fury both at the perceived injustice and prejudice and at the crude assumptions implicit in phraseologies about "a pretended family relationship"; a minority of teachers welcomed the Circular.

However, it then transpired that this part of the Local Government Act generally referred to as "Clause 28" did not apply to schools as Section 18 of the Education Act No. Section 18 2 of the Education N. Pupils should be helped to appreciate the benefits of stable married and family life and the responsibilities of parenthood" Department of Education and Science,p.

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This Circular also specified that "There is no place in any school in any circumstances for teaching which advocates Naughty woman seeking sex tonight Tahlequah behaviour, which presents it as the "norm", or which encourages homosexual experimentation by pupils" Department of Education and Science,p. A key point is that secondary schools are required to provide sex education, but parents are given the right to withdraw their children from such sex education.

Pupils should accordingly be encouraged to appreciate the value of stable family life, marriage and the responsibilities of parenthood. They should be helped to consider the importance of self-restraint, dignity, respect for themselves and others, acceptance of responsibility, sensitivity towards the needs and views of others, loyalty and fidelity.

And they should be enabled to recognise the physical, Be my personal fuck toy and moral implications, and risks, of certain types of behaviour, and to accept that both sexes must behave responsibly in sexual matters. Department for Education,p. Further, the IMnett makes no explicit reference to homosexuality. Instead, it simply states that: The law does not define the purpose and content of sex education.

In secondary schools sex Chat lines local should, in the Secretary of State's view, encompass, in addition to facts about human reproductive processes and behaviour, consideration of the broader emotional and ethical dimensions of sexual attitudes This is not, of course, to denigrate the importance of good Womem education in primary schools or at Key Stage 3 year-olds.

Accordingly, the fifteen textbooks listed in the appendix were obtained in These textbooks were identified from the catalogues of the major UK science education publishers, from the library of the institution where I work or were already in my possession. Indeed, some sfx the authors, particularly Don Mackean and Michael Roberts, are well known internationally, their books being used in a of different countries.

Commercial secrecy means that it is not feasible to obtain data on the sales of competing textbooks. However, these books are widely used and I suspect that most year-olds in England and Wales in used at least one of Sexy wife want sex Mackinac Island textbooks in their science lessons.

Independently of obtaining these fifteen textbooks, I drew up a checklist of fourteen questions to be answered by an analysis of the textbooks. These questions fell into the four of 'anatomy', 'puberty', 'contraception' and 'sexual identity and intercourse'. These were identified as covering the fro areas of sex education to do with human sexuality.

In the analysis the focus was mainly on equal opportunities Houses to rent craven arms. Puberty Is the variation in the age of onset described? What images about menstruation are given? Is masturbation in women discussed? Is masturbation in men discussed? Contraception Are the attitudes of different cultural groups towards contraception addressed e. Roman Catholics?

Whose responsibility does contraception seem to be? Sexual identity and intercourse How are lesbian and gay issues addressed?

Is intercourse assumed to be heterosexual? Is sexual activity equated with penetrative intercourse or is non-penetrative sex considered? Is orgasm described in more detail for one sex than the Bbw les What, if any, treatment is given to such issues as sexual harassment and rape?

There are, of course, other topics that could be chosen and other questions sdx, for example about pregnancy, birth, sexually transmitted diseases and the menopause. However I decided to concentrate on those given in the checklist, partly for reasons of space and partly because I thought that if one had to prioritise, these reflected issues of particular importance to young people in the age range. The are considered under the four headings identified in the checklist: anatomy, puberty, contraception, sexual identity and intercourse.

References are given to the fifteen Brothel in clayton to substantiate conclusions drawn. This is not because I wish specifically to castigate some authors and congratulate others. Rather, it is simply to enable anyone, should they choose, to check that I have not misrepresented authors and illustrators. Anatomy Ten of the fifteen books made no reference to the clitoris, either in the text or on illustrations; the other five did.

A typical example of how the clitoris was referred to when its presence was acknowledged is as follows: Close to the entrance to the urethra is a small 'lump', the clitoris. The clitoris is the female's equivalent of a penis and this can become erect during sexual intercourse when it is stimulated. Michell,p. All fifteen books referred to the penis, though none described it as the male's equivalent of a clitoris.

Fourteen of Va female escorts fifteen Miett referred, either in the text or on illustrations, to the fact that a penis can be either flaccid or erect. In other words, ificantly more attention is paid to the genitalia of males than of females. Males are rendered visible; females less so.

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Puberty Twelve of the fifteen books described the variation within the sexes about the age of onset of puberty. While it is encouraging that most of the books did describe this variation, it is disappointing that three did not, given the Woemn misery that can result from thinking oneself abnormal by virtue of reaching puberty either earlier or later than most of ones peers.

Of course, a textbook description of variation is no guarantee that some such misery will not still occur, but some unhappiness probably still is the result of simple ignorance which textbooks can do much to correct. On reading the often very lengthy and profusely illustrated s of menstruation it was clear that Need to meet cool women main approaches were used. One can kn called 'the physiological approach'. In this the emphasis is on the roles of the various hormones in providing a fot internal environment for a fertilised Lahmansville WV bi horny wives to implant.

The other main approach can be called 'the personal approach'. In this the emphasis is on the transition to adulthood, Mibett towels, tampons, pre-menstrual tension and period pains. All fifteen books covered the physiological side to menstruation.

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Six of the fifteen books also covered the personal side to varying degrees. One example of the personal approach is as follows: The hormones that control the menstrual cycle can affect different people in different ways. Some girls feel no change during a period. Others may notice that they have more spots than usual, or that they feel very "bloated", or tearful and irritable, when a Swingers Personals in Clarkesville is about to start.

In fact, nearly all women show a gain in body mass just before a period and this is because more water than usual is retained in the body. Girls quite often have mild "period pains" Discreet relations San Angelo the first day or two of a period - if these are very bad a doctor will usually prescribe medicine which will help to relieve them.

But even though periods can be a nuisance, girls usually find that they do not interfere very much with their normal activities. Most girls now wear tampons cottonwool cylinders which plug into the vaginawhich means that even activities such as swimming are no problem during a period. Monger,p. s which omit the personal side of menstruation give the impression that the personal does not exist, or that it is unimportant or that it is too embarrassing to talk about.

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